14 Jul 2017


Reddish-Rayed Abalone Haliotis coccoradiata

Elephant Snail Scutus antipodes

I know these as "Poppers" because they pop in the fire. Crayweed Phyllospora comosa.

Banded Kelp Shells Bankivia fasciata

A Chiton covered in algae, maybe Plaxiphora albida.  Exposed position, quite high on the shore.

Common Limpet Cellana tramoserica

Butterfly Shell (Chiton shell-plate)

Jingle Shell Anomia trigonopsis

Fan Shell Chlamys livida

Spengler's Triton Cabestana spengleri

Toragy Point

And other Treasure

16 Jun 2017

Camels Hump II

Views from Camels Hump

Shield Fern Polystichum proliferum

Common Shaggy Pea Oxylobium ellipticum

Grey Guinea Flower Hibbertia obtusifolia

Mountain Hickory Acacia obliquinervia

Unidentified but pretty mushrooms

20 May 2017

Tuggeranong Railway

Five Corners Styphelia triflora

Mealy Bundy Eucalyptus nortonii

All kinds of fun railway things

Termite mounds on the tracks

Grey Guinea-flower Hibbertia obtusifolia


14 May 2017

Mothers Day

Urn Heath in flower Melichrus urceolatus

A Ghost Moth pupal case, Hepialidae family

Silver Wattle flower buds Acacia dealbata

Common Everlasting Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Spectacular Rustgill Gymnopilus junonius

Views, space, river.

7 May 2017

Pole Timber Road

Amanita muscaria

Saffron Milk Cap Lactarius deliciosus

They look anything but delicious to me

Older specimens with a green tinge

Yellow-flowering Oxalis sp. 

Just one yellow flower of Small St John's Wort Hypericum gramineum

And just one yellow flower of Paper Daisy Xerochrysum viscosum

Something has enjoyed a meal of Botany Bay Weevils Chrysolopus spectabilis

Views and rocky outcrops on hills around Pole Timber